Payam Mofidi

Payam Mofidi

Born in 1980, Teheran, Iran
Lives and works in Paris, France

Payam Mofidi is an Iranian Painter and Animation Filmmaker born in 1980 Tehran, Iran. He has graduated with BA in Graphic Design in 2005 from Azad University Tehran he also received his degree with honors from l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris in 2009. Mofidi has shown his works internationally in a great number of festivals and group exhibitions over the years and He has won Jury’s special prize from “Rythmetic” International Festival in 2010. Recently he, together with Ila Firouzabadi received the M.A.I.-PRIM Grant for video installation to be realized in 2013.

Education and qualifications:

  • 2009. Degree with honors in Animations at “l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs” Paris, France
  • 2005. Bachelor of graphics, Azad University (Art and Architecture), Tehran, Iran.


  • 2011. Without borders film festival, Italy
  • 2011. Festival Cologne OFF, Arad Art Museum Romania
  • 2011. Festival « Cologne-off », official selection
  • 2010. Festival « Temps d’images »/ France.
  • 2010. Selection for the competition Rythmetic International Festival of Animated Experimental
  • 2010. French animation festival in the Franco-Japanese Institute/Yokohama.
  • 2010. Projection in the Short Films Evening, Prague.
  • 2010. Projection in the short film evening “Iran Vs …” Istanbul.
  • 2008. Participation in Clermont – Ferrand short-film festival, France
  • 2008. Video-installation (art video) intended to “OFF” sector of the festival (ENSAD)


  • 2012. Pulso Iraniano Iranian contemporary art, Sao Paulo, Brasil
  • 2011. Iran via Video current, Thomas Erben gallery, New York
  • 2011. Pulso Iraniano Iranian contemporary art, Rio de Janeiro , Brasil
  • 2011. Collective exhibition, Aubette, Strasbourg, France
  • 2009. Group exhibition; painting, gravure (etching, metal graving), and photography Paris, France
  • 2006. Painting exhibition; Aban Gallery, Tehran , Iran
  • 2003. Painting exhibition in 6th biennial event of Painting in Tehran, Iran
  • 2001. Painting exhibition; “Free Artist” gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • 2000. Group exhibition; Mural painting and installations, Tehran, Iran
  • 1998-2000. Group Exhibitions; “Elaheh” Gallery, “Laleh” Gallery, “Free Artist” Gallery, Iran

Animated Short films:

  • 2013. Skin
  • 2009. poéticide (Shaer koshi). (ENSAD)
  • 2006. Subito (ENSAD)

Grants, Prizes and Awards:

  • 2012. M.A.I.-PRIM Grant for video installation together with Ila Firouzabadi
  • 2010. Jury special prize, “Rythmetic” International Festival