Art and Artists

The platform showcases artists' work and covers a wide range of media from painting, sculpture, video, stage design, architecture, craft and decorative arts to performance, installation, drama, dance and so on. We also publish images, video and sound files on our website.

We encourage artists to include an original piece of writing to accompany their art work.

We are strongly interested in communicating artists’ own ideas about their work and its meanings.

By publicising artists' texts on our website we wish to create a more varied environment for discussion about current topics in art, and to connect discussions between academics and practitioners.

Artists’ statements should be no longer than 1800 words. We have not yet stated a limit for visual material such as images, sound and video files.

Furthermore, we welcome artists' essays relevant to our current topic. The word count for these contributions is 2000 characters.

Manuscript submission

Contributions should be sent in electronic format as an email attachment. Large files (over 5MB) may be sent using Internet services for sending larger files, such as

The title page should include author(s) name, title(s), affiliations, a short biography and e-mail address.

Tables and illustrations

All tables and images should be named and numbered in arabic numerals. Place all tables and images in the appropriate position in the text. We accept tables, images, sound and videos in all of the usual formats.

Multi-media Elements

In addition to text, OneArt can publish image, video, and sound files. Inline images should be in GIF, JPEG or PNG format up to 800x600 pixels. The images will be used for the gallery element of the website and we therefore welcome submissions of 10-15 images or more upon request. We are able to convert files from other image formats if necessary. Video should be in Adobe Flash format and sound in MP3.

Please contact the editors if you have any questions regarding submissions.