Jalal Sepehr




Jalal Sepehr

Born in 1968, Tehran, Iran
Lives and works in Iran.

Jalal Sepehr was born in 1968 in Tehran, Iran. He is a Tehran based self-taught photographer who has been doing photography since 1994. He is known as a fine art photographer locally and internationally. His photos has been featured in many prestigious publications. 

He had been a founding member of  the Fanoos website whose aim was promoting contemporary Iranian photography (2003-2007)

Besides working  on his photographic projects, he has held quite a few workshops in this field and curated displacement in Silkroad gallery . He is an active member of Virtual Arts of Iran Association and Advertising & Industrial Photography Association of Iran.

Solo Exhibitions:

2016. “As far as the eye can see”, Officine dell immagine  Gallery, Milan
Red Zone photo series, Silk Road Gallery, Tehran
2015. Knot series, water & Persian Rugs, Isabelle Gounod Gallery, Paris 
2011. Knot series and Water and Persian Rugs, Silk Road Gallery, Tehran
Carpets Unbound, Khaki Gallery Photo, Boston, USA
2009. water and Persian Rugs, Gallery Esther Woerdehoff, Paris

Group exhibitions:

2021. raw emotion in Iranian contemporary a virtual group exhibition at IS10 Gallery, London
2019. Silence Meal Project Trafo Center for contemporary Art  Berlin
2019. “Tir Art” art fair, Tehran  
2019. “Life Documents” Negah Gallery, Tehran
2019. Emerging Iranian Art  LS10 Gallery, London
2019. Shahr International Visual Art festival Pardis Mellat, Tehran
2019. Iran Visual poetries Photo Gaspesie Montreal-Canada
2019. Paris Photo by Silk Road Gallery
2019. “A few Days in Between” Arta Gallery, Toronto
2019. “Iranian Contemporary Photography” Durev Gallery, Paris
2018. Paris Photo by Silk Road gallery
2018. Dubai's annual photography festival - GPP Photo Week
2018. Photography show “Women” Negah Gallery 
2017. “Iran:Year 38”Arles Photography Festival 
2017. Paris Photo by Silk Road gallery
2016. Magic And Power, marta herford museum Germany
2016. Art Paris by Silk Road Gallery,France 
2016. Mia Photo Fair in Milan, Italy 
2015. Reality & Fantasy a Glance at the Iranian Contemporary  Photography, Pardis Gallery, Tehran
2015. The Secrets of Eternity, Khayyam and Contemporary Art Silk Road Gallery, Tehran
2015. Heaven and hell . From magic carpets to drones,  Boghossian Foundation, Brussels
2015. Spring Hesitance festival, museum of Negarestan Garden, Tehran
2015. Rebirth, group show, Nicolas Flamel Gallery, Paris
2015. The young collectors auction in Dubai (Ayyam Gallery)
2014. Eyes On Iran, Hinterland gallery,  Vianna Art Week
2014. Paris Photo by Silk Road gallery
2014. Mils027, silk Road gallery, Australias photography festival , Sydney
2014. Neo-Traditionalism in Contemporary Iranian Art, Tehran museum of contemporary Art
2014. In.Ter.Weave, Roiya gallery, Jeddah Saudi Arabia
2014. Displacement a Group show at Silk Road gallery, Tehran
2013. Christies, Auction Dubai
2013. By Iranian Contemporary Photographers, Mellat Gallery, Tehran
2013. Begging a collection, Silk Road gallery, Tehran
2012. Pulso Iraniano, Riodojaniro and Sao Paulo biennale of Brazil
2012. Tension in tradition, Saw Gallery, Ottawa, Canada
2012. Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation Auction, London
2012. 'I Run with Iran' Nicolas Flamel Gallery, Paris
2012. Iranian perspectives, Richard Young Gallery, London
2012. beyond-dreams, virtual group Exhibition,London
2011. Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation Auction, London
2010. Abu Dhabi Art Fair, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
2009. Paris Photo, Galerie Esther Woerdehoff, Paris
2009. International Photo Festival, Knokke-Heist, Belgium
2008. First and Second Annual Photo Exhibition CPC/CAPA, Seymour Art Gallery, North, Vancouver, Canada
2008. Photo Transportation and Trafic Festival, House of Artists, Tehran, Iran
2008. We Can Do Photo Festival, House of Photographers, Tehran. Iran
2008. Photo Travel Competition, Tehran, Iran
2007. First and Second Annual Photo Exhibition CPC/CAPA, Sulaymania, Kurdistan, Iraq
2007. First and Second Annual Photo Exhibition-Competition CPC/CAPA, Tehran, Iran
2007. Humour of the peoples art collection Biennal . House of Humour and Satire, Bulgaria
2007. The First Photo Festival Healthy of Iran Oroomie
2007. IranInternational Photo Festival, Knokke-Heist, Belgium.
2006. Tenth Biennal of Iranian Photography (documentary photography), Tehran, Iran
2006. Fanoos Photo Slideshow, House of Artists, Tehran, Iran
2006. Photo Children Festival, Tehran, Iran
2006. International Art Photography Fair, Slovakia
2005. Second Iranian Sport Photo Festival, Tehran, Iran
2005. Second Photo Festival of Sea, Ship and Seafarers, Tehran, Iran
2005. Fajr Photo Festival, Mah-Shahr
2005. Nature Photography Iran Exhibition, Tehran, Iran
2005. Ashoura Photo Festival, Tehran (Jury Price)
2005. Iranian Rustic Women Photo Festival, Esfahan, Iran
2004. Photo Festival of Sea, Ship and Seafarers, Tehran, Iran
2004. Animal Protection Society Exhibition, Tehran, Iran
2003. Ashouraian Photography Festival, Tehran
2003. Industrial Photography Festival of Iran, Tehran, Iran1998
2003: Bazaar Photo Exhibition, Silk Road Gallery, Tehran

Involved & published in books:

2007–2010. Al-Thani Award Book.
2007. Around the Life.
2009. Different sames New Perspectives In contemporary Iranian Art. Thames & Hodson.
2008. Iranian Photography Now.
2007. Knokke - Heist Photo Festival.
2004–2007. Shipping Festival of Iran.