Jalal Sepehr

Jalal Sepehr

Born in 1968, Tehran, Iran
Lives and works in Iran.

A self-taught photographer, he started taking pictures in 1994 while living in Japan (1991-96). Back in Iran, he and Dariush Kiani, an advertising photographer, founded the Fanoos studio, and followed by that an influential Fanoos Photo web site founded with two other professional photographers (2003). As well as his industrial commissions, he is also into creative photography, fine art and being an active member of advertising and industrial Association of Iran, and the Canadian Association for photographic Art.

He has exhibited in many group shows (more than 70 ones).



  • 2010. Abu Zabi art fair. Silk road gallery.
  • 2010. Job creation. Photo festival. (first title)
  • 2009. Water & Persian rugs. Paris photo. Esther Woerdehoff Gallery.
  • 2009. Seasons in Prix De La Photograpie. Paris. (second prize in category calendar)
  • 2009. 19th International Biennial of Humour and Satire in the Arts. Gabrovo.    Bulgaria.
  • 2007. Postcard competition of the Canadian Association for Photography Art. (first prize)
  • 2007–2009. The 29th International Photo Festival. Knokke Heist. Belgium.
  • 2006. Fanoos Photo Slide Show. Tehran: House of Artists.
  • 2006. Fanoos Photo Slide Show. International Art Photography Fair. Slovakia.
  • 2005. Ship and Seafarers. The Second Photo Festival of Sea. Iran. (second place)
  • 2004. Ship and Seafarers. The First Photo Festival of Sea. Iran. (first place)
  • 2003. Industrial photography festival. Tehran: Ministry of the Interior. (third place)

Involved & published in books:

  • 2007–2010. Al-Thani Award Book.
  • 2007. Around the Life.
  • 2009. Different sames New Perspectives In contemporary Iranian Art. Thames & Hodson.
  • 2008. Iranian Photography Now.
  • 2007. Knokke - Heist Photo Festival.
  • 2004–2007. Shipping Festival of Iran.