John L Tran

John L Tran

*1965 The United Kingdom
Lives and works in London and Tsukuba (Japan)

A British artist of Vietnamese descent, currently based in London and Tsukuba, Japan.

Tran received a Bachelor’s degree in Intellectual History & French at Sussex University before going on to study an MA and PhD in Photography at the University of the Arts, London. Tran’s photography focuses on historical and cultural narratives, and, by extension, the social construction of reality and self-identity.


  • 2011. Tsunami.
  • 2008. No place like Home.
  • 2007. Second Nature.
  • 2005. Return to Fairyland.
  • 2002 – present. Arcades Project.
  • 2000 – present. Scenes from the end of History.
  • 1998. Utamakura Sites.

Solo Exhibitions:

  • 2009. Second Nature. Sydney: Sydney College of the Arts.
  • 2008. No Place Like Home. Tokyo: Omotesando Gallery.
  • 2008. No Place Like Home. Tsukuba: Tsukuba University Art Space.
  • 2007. Second Nature. Tsukuba: Shimin Gallery.
  • 2007. Return To Fairyland. Tokyo: Omotesando Gallery.
  • 2007. LANDHOUSEHOME. Tsukuba: Memories Gallery.
  • 2005. Return To Fairyland. London: Chelsea College of Art & Design.
  • 2004. Utamakura Sites. Toronto: Japan Foundation.
  • 2001. Utamakura Sites. London: Pitshanger Manor Gallery.
  • 1999. Utamakura Sites. Hong Kong: OP Photogallery.
  • 1998. Utamakura Sites. Asuka Historical Museum.
  • 1996. Vietnam Night & Day. London: Studio Theatre Gallery.
  • 1996. Rotten Suns. London: Islington Arts Factory.

Selected Group Exhibitions:

  • 2007. Global Cities. London: Tate Modern.
  • 2006. 10th International Architecture Exhibition. Venice Biennale. Venice.
  • 2004. Dislocation, Volkswagen Fotogalerie. Hong Kong.
  • 2002. Inbetweenandunderneath. London: Century Gallery.
  • 2001. MA show. London: Arts Pavilion, Mile End.


  • 2002. Inbetweenandunderneath. London: Century Gallery.


  • 1988. Cultural Production during the American War in "The Vietnam Era". Pluto Press.
  • 2007. UK Higher Education Funding for the Arts: an Overview in University Art Practice and Research Funding. Tsukuba: University of Tsukuba.
  • 1998. Utamakura & The Man’yoshu. Asuka Historical Museum Catalogue.