Masoud Aghaie

Masoud Aghaie

Born in 1985 Sari, Iran
Lives and works in Iran

I was born in 1985 in North of Iran, Sari. My always interest in Drawing and designing Propel me to educate in visual art. through the years i figured out my interest in visual communication and i narrow down my studies in this field. Now i am studying In MA. Graphic design in university of art of Tehran.

My always and special focus in Graphic design was poster design although a great section of my designs is included the advertisement and Corporate design. Beside i believe in power of cultural activity through the special power of Graphic in society. This is why that you can find out a series of cultural event posters and a number of global concerns designs and activities.

During the past years i studied particularly in ancient Persian type and typography which is full of potentials in its forms and images. This interests led me to research more on a different action and viewpoint in Persian type with the target of self-educative issue as title of Persian pop-up alphabet book.

In the future i will continue in research and study more and more on Persian Type that has a long way to be appropriately concerned.


  • 2012 - present. MA student in Graphic Design, Art University of Tehran
  • 2011. Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design
  • 2005. Association degree in graphic Design


  • Iranian Graphic Designer Society, IGDS
  • A founder of Graphic Group 13
  • Pop Up council of Kanun Parvaresh Fekri, Iran
  • Visual art council of Mazandaran
  • Scientific council of Graphic, Sariyan institute

Work experience:

  • Chief Editor at Sariyan Magazine
  • Art director of 8 Behesht Publication
  • Teaching Graphic design, Naghsh o Negar Institute
  • Art director of Mahoor publication
  • Art Director at Sourena Advertising Agency
  • 2010 - 2009. Art Director at Moje Sevvom Advertising Agency
  • 2009 - 2006. Art Director at Ara Advertising Agency
  • 2006. Art Director of Wrestling World Cup 2006, IRAN
  • 2005 - 2003. Art Director at Medad Rangi Magazine
  • 2005 - 2003. Art Director at Varesh student Magazine

Jury Member:

  • 2006. A jury member, 40 Days 40 Posters competition
  • 2004. A jury member, Mazandaran press festival of student

Training & extracurricular course:

  • 2010. Special training, innovative design, From Idea to Performance
  • 2008. Certificated degree, innovation & Idea progressing, Vijeh school
  • 2005. Special training, Offset Printing Supervision


  • 2010. The first Persian Pop Up alphabet book
  • 2010. Article, Artistic life of Luba Lokuva, published in Sariyan Magazine
  • 2010. Article, Artistic life of Herb Lubalin, published in Sariyan Magazine
  • 2005. Color to be 13, Research project, the influence of color in Treatment
  • 2004. Art-25, Research project and (A.D) thesis, Tehran Subway

Professional activity

  • 2010. Graphic week of Sari, workshop, exhibition, congress
  • 2009. Dual fuel, self promotion exhibition
  • 2009. The first festival of young designer, Sari Book City
  • 2008. 27000 Millimeter Poster, workshop, exhibition, congress
  • 2008. Farhad Fozoni`s Posters, workshop, exhibition, congress
  • 2007. SARI New Years Day Gift Card exhibition
  • 2006. 40 Days 40 Posters, in honor of Morteza Momayez
  • 2005. Graphic Group 13 Poster exhibition, seasonally
  • 2004 - 2003. 1st & 2nd, SARI Annual Poster, workshop, exhibition, congress


  • 5th international poster biannual, Limasoul, Cyprus
  • Tasvir sal, annual festival, Iran
  • 3th visual art festival of FADJR. Iran - France
  • Ithaca. international annual poster festival, Greek
  • 6th poster biannual Golden Bee, Russia
  • International poster biannual of Tranava, Slovakian
  • Koshtasky Grand Prize, Austria
  • OGOF. Indonesia
  • Anti-Aids Triennial. Ukraine, Kharkov
  • Tavan-e-Ensaniat Local visual art Festival
  • Asma-OL-Hosna 3rd Typographic Biennial. Iran - Turkey
  • The First Student Annual Graphic Book
  • 2nd & 3rd Rang e-Magazine festival
  • Tandis Magazine Selected Logos, Arasbaran
  • Violet Graphic Group
  • Az G Ta K
  • Individual exhibition in the Them Of A4. Uromia, Iran
  • Individual exhibition. OSTOVAR, Uromia, Iran
  • Individual exhibition. Cite International Des Arts. Paris, France


  • 2012. Research Scholarship. Il de la Cite, Paris, France
  • 2012. Second Prize. 3rd Annual e-Festival of PERSBOOK
  • 2012. Honor Scholarship in MA Graphic design, SCAD College
  • 2012. First Prize. Poster, the first Fadjr festival of Mazandaran, Sary, Iran
  • 2011. Honored Diploma. Poster, TASVIR-E-SAL Festival
  • 2011. First prize, Poster, Raad charity festival of meal
  • 2011. Honored by Juries, Poster, FADJR international festival
  • 2011. First Prize, Poster, Visual Art festival of the Youth Mazandaran
  • 2009 - 2008. Honored by Juries, Poster, Dar Entezar-E-Sobh
  • 2008. Honored by Juries, Poster, Invention at Urban Management
  • 2010 - 2009. Honored by Juries, Poster, TASVIR-E-SAL Festival
  • 2008. Second Prize, Poster, 5th national Rzavi Festival, Shiraz, Iran
  • 2008. First Prize, New Years Day Gift Card, Rang e-Magazine
  • 2007. Second Prize, Painting, International Festival of Emam REZA, Shiraz, Iran
  • 2007. Third Prize, 3rd National Sand Sculpture Festival
  • 2006. Second Prize, Poster, Red Crescent Peace
  • 2005. Chosen at Kharazmi Festival, Mazandaran, Visual Arts
  • 2005, 2004, 2003. First Prize at 3 Scientific-Technical competition, National Associate Degree Students
  • 2004. Second Prize, Poster, Tavan-e-Ensaniat Local Festival
  • 2004. Honored by Juries, Poster, Tavan-e-Ensaniat Local Festival
  • 2004. Second Prize, drawing, National Associate Degree Students
  • 2003. First Prize, Poster, National Associate Degree Students