Minja Gu

Minja Gu

Minja Gu lives and works in Seoul. Her works appear frail and intimate, and almost indistinguishable from everyday life. Gu is predominately interested in what society uses and then discards. She recycles back into presence and with grace, wit and poetry the many supposedly valueless remnants of daily consumerism, such as leftover coffee cups or plastic bags. In addition to her physical artistic production she also initiates activities that run in parallel, or could be considered parasitic to everyday participation in society. These have included running the marathon at her leisure to complete it in a day-and-a-half, a time-period too slow and also not grandiose enough for the media to remain interested, and a 'symposium' on love that involved a quite plausible and again totally unspectacular 12 hour get-together for women of the same age on a roof-top.

Solo exhibitions:

2009. Identical Times - Croft Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2011. Atlantic-Pacific co. - Moore Street Market, New York, NY, USA

Group exhibitions:

2012 Trading Futures – Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2012. The Cabinet in the Washing Machine – Seodaemun-gu Recycling Center, Seoul, Korea
2012. Doing – Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
2011. The 10th SongEun Art Award Show - SongEun Art Space, Seoul, Korea
2011. Open studio - Gyeonggi Creation Center, Ansan, Korea
2011. About books - KT&G Sangsang madang, Seoul, Korea
2011. Open Studio - International Studio & Curatorial Program, New York, NY, USA
2011. Life, No Peace, Only Adventure - Busan Museum of Art, Busan, Korea
2010. Anyang Public Art Project 2010 - Anyang, Korea
2010. Has the line killed the circle? - La general, Paris, France
2010. Residency parade - Incheon art platform, Incheon, Korea
2010. The 10th Seoul International New Media Festival – Seoul space, Korea
2009. The game of respect - Gallery Sangsang -madang, Seoul, Korea
2009. Saeng-gak - alternative space Banjiha, Daejeon, Korea
2009. VIDEO; VIDE&O - Arko Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2009. A fair refereeing - 175 gallery, Seoul, Korea
2009. NOW WHAT - Hamilton space, Seoul, Korea
2008. Ssamzie Open Studio exhibition : Ssamzie Space. Seoul, Korea
2008. 08 Taipei Biennial : Taipei fine art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2008. One and The Others – Hangar, Barcelona, Spain
2007. Gu minja, Kim Youngeun : 175 Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2007. Drawing open-end : KNUA gallery-(Opening of New Hall), Seoul, Korea
2007. Borderless Horizen : KNUA New Hall gallery, Seoul, Korea


2011. Jamon,Paella, Barcelona - AC publishing
2011. Samgeopsal, Bibimbop, Seoul – AC publishing
2009. CHOCK; Hunhwaga(song for laying flower) – Workroom press
2008. Symposion : on love – Ssamzie Space


Happily ever After (2010) - SongEun Art Foundation