Mona Aghababaee

Mona Aghababaee

Born in 1982 Esfahan, Iran
Lives and works in Iran

Mona Aghababaee is an artist who lives and works in Iran. Most of her works are based on historical events and social issues in her homeland. She uses different mediums to explore new possibilities for her challenges in human and gender. Abstraction in some of her work is a means of transformation to educe hidden meaning through allusion.

Mona was born in Esfahan, Iran, in 1982. She has received a MA and BA in Applied Art from the Art University of Tehran. She has participated in more than twenty group exhibitions in Iran, Australia, England and US. In 2009, she has achieved the Damon Courtney Memorial Young Sculpture Prize for her sculpture in Sydney, Australia and she got two months fellowship from sculpture space in 2012.


2012. The Mind in Exile
2011. History of Oblivion
2010-2011. Swallow Your Femininity
2008-2009. Where is the Freedom

Group Exhibitions:

  • 2012. The third Urban Sculpture Biennial in Gallery Barg, Tehran,(IR)
  • 2012. group exhibition “untitled”, Araan gallery, Tehran,(IR)
  • 2012. Cherry Valley Sculpture Trail, Cherry Valley, NY
  • 2011. Group exhibition “Bold and Beautiful”, Araan gallery, Tehran,(IR)
  • 2011. The Sixth National Biennial of Sculpture of Tehran, Niavaran Gallery, Tehran, (IR)
  • 2011. participate in second sculpture expo, shirin gallery, Tehran, (IR)
  • 2011. Group exhibition “Space less”, Matn gallery, Esafahan, (IR)
  • 2011. Participate in the second sculpture expo, Shirin gallery, Tehran, (IR)
  • 2011. Group sculpture exhibition “The Third Generation and Parviz Tnavoli” , Frevahar gallery, Tehran,(IR)
  • 2011. participate in the second small sculpture festival, Vesal gallery, Shiraz, (IR)
  • 2010. The second Urban sculpture Biennial in Barg gallery, Tehran, (IR)
  • 2010. Group exhibition in one hundred artists one hundred works, golestan gallery, Tehran, (IR)
  • 2010. Group medal exhibition in Mah-e-Mehr gallery, Tehran, (IR)
  • 2010. Group sculpture exhibition in Pasargad gallery, Tehran, (IR)
  • 2009. Group sculpture exhibition in Pasargad gallery, Tehran, (IR)
  • 2009. Group sculpture exhibition in inside sculpture by the sea gallery, Sydney, (AU)
  • 2009. Participate in 13th sculpture by the sea festival in Bondy beach, Sydney, (AU)
  • 2009. Participate in the first Persian Gulf sand sculpture in Genave, Bushehr, (IR)
  • 2008. Participate in the first sculpture expo, Artist Home, Tehran, (IR)
  • 2008. Medal exhibition in gallery of Birmingham university, Birmingham, (UK)
  • 2007. Group exhibition in Baran gallery, Tehran, (IR)
  • 2007. Group sculpture exhibition in Mahemehr gallery, Tehran, (IR)
  • 2005. Group ceramic exhibition in Haft samar gallery, Tehran, (IR)
  • 2004. The first art festival in art university, (IR)


2012. A fellowship at Sculpture Space residency, Utica, NY


2011. Second prize in the second small sculpture Festival, Shiraz (IR)
2009. Damon Courtenay Memorial Young Sculptor Prize (AU)
2004. Second prize in art festival in Art University in the field of wood (IR)
2004. First prize in art festival in Art University in the field of metal (IR)


From 2010, Association of Iran Sculpture