Ritesh Ajmeri

Ritesh Ajmeri

Born in 1980, Vadora, India
Lives and works in India

Artist statement:

My work starts from where I have been situated in my art-practice and traditional Indian sculpture family background as a middle class Indian, looking for the borders where media, objects, and images are incessantly susceptible to instability. I have been interested in bringing out the question of culture and race, of self and ‘othering’ by employing ‘nature’, ‘real-time’ and ‘space’, especially trying to acquire meanings from ‘colour’ and ‘rust’ recently.

Sometimes, I insert a life-size sculpture of my figure shrouded in ‘colour’, distorted in ‘shape’ or put in strange ‘spaces’. I intend to employ sarcasm and ‘speaks’ about sarcasm politically as if I make resemblance with a bubble-like speech against the white mounted society. This is about my question what sculpture means in deeply rooted recognition between contemporary art practice and family job, which is about conflict and balance inside and outside of time passages. I refer to perceiving the object in actuality, and the mediated reality where the object begets in the form of live telecasts, too. Similarly, ‘Real’ points to the aspect of pervasive spectacularity in my everyday life, which can also be switched off and on fused at any point.

The aspect of displacing all the axes for cognitive perception is fundamental to my art-works. This is not from the identification or interpretation of the meaning of an object but from the dispersion of its contexts when overridden by viewers. So, ellipsis is the most significant feature of my works, where I could enjoy engaging not viewer’s eyes but minds in the interstices between an art-object and its surroundings. The locus of attention is yet retained by the presence of the art-object..


2003-2005. MFA, Sculpture, M.S University, Baroda, India
1999-2003. BFA, Sculpture, M.S University, Baroda, India

Solo Exhibition:

2011. “Winding Time”, Lakeeren Gallery, Mumbai, India

Group Exhibition:

2012. Salon Video 1, ALERT studio, Bucharest, Romania
2010. Residence Parade, Incheon Art Platform, Incheon, Korea
2010. Open Studio 2010, National Goyang Art Studio, Goyang, Korea
2010. All Sorts, National Goyang Art Studio, Goyang, Korea
2010. The Ramblers In Pearville, Open space Bae, Busan, Korea
2010. Local to Local East Asian connection, Baekje Hospita,l Busan, Korea
2010. ASYAAF, Sungsin University, Korea
2010. Open studio Open Space Bae, Busan, Korea
2010. Museum in the Woods, Open Space Bae, Busan, Korea
2010. 7th Busan International Video Festival, Space Bandee, Busan, Korea
2009. From Our Cabinet To Museum, Open Eye Dreams, Cochin, India
2008. 789, Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery, Baroda, India

Award & Residency:

2010 Open space Bae , Busan Korea
20010 - 09 Asia pacific fellowship Artist- in- Residence, Goyang artist studio,
2010-2009. National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
2008. INLAKS Foundation Scholarship for young artist


2004. Vaghd Project, sponsored by Jan Kala Shahitya Munch, conceived by Chinten Upadhya
2004. Workshop in Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S University, conceived by Harvy Hood Ex H.O.D of Sculpture Department, Wells University

Artist Talks/ Teaching:

2010 Artist Talk in National Artist Studio, Goyang, Korea
2010. Lecturer on Indian Contemporary Art, National Art Studio, Goyang, Korea
2010. Introduction Class on Korean art for Children,
2010. National Museum of Contemporary Ar, Korea
2010. Artist Talk in Open Space Bae, Busan, Korea