Shadi Ghadirian




Shadi Ghadirian

*1974, Tehran, Iran.
Lives and works in Iran.

Shadi Ghadirian’s photography takes conflicting visual signifiers and drags them into ironic yet subtly unnerving relationships with the viewer. Born in 1974 in Tehran, Iran, Ghadirian emerged in 2000 among a generation of photographers prepared to tackle the confusing reality of a woman’s place in contemporary Iran and to play with understandings of the region. She has exhibited widely, participating in biennales in Russia, Sharjah (UAE); solo exhibitions in the US and India, and prestigious group shows including "Unveiled, New Art From the Middle East" at the Saatchi Gallery, London, and the touring Word Into Art exhibition at The British Museum and DIFC, Dubai.

Solo Exhibitions:

2011. Queen Gallery. Canada.
2011. SilkRoad Gallery. Tehran. Iran.
2010. Guild Art. Mumbai. India.
2009. Aeroplastics Contemporary. Belgium.
2009. FCG Düsseldorf. Germany.
2009. Co2 Gallery. Rome. Italy.
2009. Boudin Lebon Gallery. Paris. France.
2008. Los Angeles County Museum of Art. California. USA.
2008. Silk Road. Tehran. Iran.
2008. Tasweer Gallery. India.
2007. B21 Gallery. Dubai. UAE.
2007. Photography Festival of Istanbul. Turkey.
2006. French Cultural Center. Damascus. Syria.
2006. Al mamal Foundation2. Jerusalem. Palestine.
2002. Villa Moda. Kuwait.
2001. Exhibition of Fnac. France.
1999. Golestan Gallery. Tehran. Iran.

Group Exhibitions:

2011. The French Cultural Center. Yangon. Burma.
2011. Burma Photo. Espana Festival. Spain.
2011. Cool Art Café. Brussels. Belgium.
2011. Boghossian foundation. Brussels. Belgium.
2011. Zendegi. Beiroot Exhibition Center. Beirut. Lebanon.
2011. Artespacio CAF. La Paz. Bolivia.
2011. Staging Identity. Galerie Kashya Hildebrand. Zurich. Switzerland.
2011. Face Contact. Photo Espana. Madrid. Spain.
2011. Idols and Icons. Yavuz Fine Art. Singapore.
2011. Pool. Mohsen Gallery. Tehran. Iran.
2011. Tehran Monoxide Project. Kherad School. Tehran. Iran.
2011. Oi Futuro. Rio de Janeiro. Brazil.
2010. Galerie Ernst Hilger. Vienna. Austria.
2010. LTMH Gallery. New York. USA.
2010. Stare at the Other Side. Albareh Art Gallery. Adliyah. Bahrain.
2010. Barakat. Stefan Stux Gallery. New York. USA.
2010. Waterhouse & Dodd. London. UK.
2010. The Silk Road. Saatchi Gallery. Lille. France.
2010. Festival Images. Vevey. Switzerland.
2010. IRAN: Preview of the past. University of Applied Arts. Vienna. Austria.
2010. Act of Faith. Abdijdmuseum Ten Duinen'. Koksijde. Belgium.
2009. Mall Gallery. Masques of Shahrzad. London. UK.
2009. Purdy Hicks Gallery. London. UK.
2009. School. 165 years of Iranian Photography. Tehran. Iran.
2009. Rebelle. Art and feminism 1969-2009. Museum voor Moderne Kunst. Arnhem. Nederland.
2009. Du Quai Branly Museum. Paris. France.
2009. Routes. Waterhouse & Dodd Gallery. London. UK.
2009. Guild Art Gallery. New York. USA.
2009. Arario Gallery. New York. USA.
2009. The Seen and the Hidden. Austrian Cultural Forum. New York. USA.
2008. Word Into Art. DIFC. Dubai. UAE.
2008. Cramer Contemporary. Genoa. Switzerland.
2008. Experimental gallery. Toulouse. France.
2007. Noorderlicht photofestival. Netherlands.
2007. La Paz. Bolivia.
2007. San Diego Convention Centre. San Diego. California. USA.
2007. Silk Road. Tehran. Iran.
2006. Blessed are the Merciful. Feigen Contemporary. New York. USA.
2006. Artspace Witzenhausen. Amsterdam. Netherlands.
2006. The Veiled Mirror. Contemporary Iranian Photography. De Santos Gallery. Houston. Texas. USA.
2006. Word into Art: Artists of the Modern Middle East. The British Museum. London. UK.
2006. Image of Middle East. Denmark.
2006. Ey Iran. Contemporary Iranian Photography. Gold Coast City Art Gallery. Gold Coast City. Australia.
2006. Representation and Use of the Body in Art. Galerie Helene Lamarque. Paris. France.
2006. Le Rectangle. Lyon. France.
2006. Selyemes Fenyek. Budapest. Hungary.
2006. Inaugura en Tucumán. Mexico.
2005. How eastern look at western. CCCB. Barcelona. Spain.
2005. Rebel mind Gallery. Berlin. Germany.
2005. Foto Art Festival. Poland.
2005. Group Exhibition. After the revolution. San Sebastian. Spain
2005. Aeroplastics Gallery. Brussels. Belgium.
2005. N Gallery. Georgia.
2005. Galata Fotografhanesi. Istanbul. Turkey.
2005. Boudin Lebon Gallery. Paris. France.
2005. Third Line Gallery. Dubai. UAE.
2004. San Jose Museum of Art. New York. USA.
2004. The House of World Cultures. Berlin. Germany.
2004. Photo Biennale of Moscow. Moscow. Russia.
2004. Parliament of Brussels. Brussels. Belgium.
2004. Photo Biennale of Luxemburg. Luxembourg.
2004. Chobi Mella 3. Bangladesh.
2003. Harem Fantasies and the new Scheherzades. Spain and France.
2003. Sharjah International Biennial 6. Sharjah. UAE.
2003. Women in Orient - Women in Occident. Germany.
2003. Konstmuseum Gutenberg. Sweden.
2003. Ville De Bologna. France.
2003. Veil exhibition. The new Art Gallery. Walsall, Liverpool, Oxford. UK.
2003. Sorbonne University. Paris. France.
2002. Silk Road Gallery. Tehran. Iran.
2002. The Museum of Contemporary Art. Tehran. Iran.
2002. Thessaloniki Museum of Photography (Glimpses Of Iran). Thessaloniki. Greece.
2001. A Space Gallery. Toronto. Canada.
2001. Barbican Art Center (Iranian Contemporary Art). London. UK.
2001. Photospania Festival. Spain.
2001. Regards Persans. Espace Electra. Paris. France.
2000. Inheritance. Leiton House Museum. London. UK.
2000. Nikolaj Contemporary Art Center Copenhagen. Denmark.
2000. Ballymena Arts Festival. Northern Ireland. UK.
2000. The House of World Cultures. Berlin. Germany.
2000. The Iranian Women's Studies Foundation. Worth Ryder Gallery at University of California. Berkeley. USA.
1999. Leighton House Museum. London. UK.
1998. Sooreh International photo exhibition. Tehran. Iran.
1998. Barg Gallery. Tehran. Iran.
1997. Group Exhibition (About Children) Aria Gallery. Tehran. Iran.
1997. Tehran International Documentary Photo exhibition. Tehran. Iran.

In Collections:

The British Museum. London. UK.
Musee des Arts Contemporains. Centre Georges Pompidou. Paris. France.
Mumok (Museum Moderner Kunst Sitftung Ludwig). Vienna. Austria.
Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Los Angeles. California. USA.
The Sackler Gallery. Smithsonian institution. Washington DC. USA.
Victoria and Albert Museum. London. UK.
Museum of contemporary Art. Tehran. Iran.
Saatchi Gallery. London. UK.
Devi Art Foundation. Delhi. India.

Working for:

Museum of Photography (Akskhaneh Shahr).
Photo Editor of Women In Iran Site (
Manager of the first Iranian specialized photography site (