Sunil Sigdel

Sunil Sigdel

Born in 1978, Pokhara, Nepal.
Lives and works in Nepal

I have been working with many mediums to represent my thoughts and feelings since my artistic career was started. The subject matters in my work involve socio-political crisis of my country as well as the Globe and different incidents of my own life. I live in Pokhara, the beautiful silent place near Himalayas, but I am aware of the present situation of my own society as well as the world. My background is painting although I do installation, performance, video work & photography.
I am interested to apply many different implements to make my work meaningful against many odds. I have in mind to do something out of the 'conventional' giving a new approach and language in the context of Nepal. I have a perception to develop my works and deepen myself taking my work to a dynamic direction. I would prefer an environment where I would be able to develop my thoughts, angle of vision and the true conception of art.

Solo exhibitions
  • 2012. Solo Performance art work Echo of Darkness, (Creative artists' Group) Pokhara, Nepal.
  • 2010. Infiltration of Darkness at KCAC gallery, Lalitpur, Nepal
  • 2007. Human Bonsai, Art Shop Gallery, Katmandu, Nepal.
  • 2004. Science of Emotions, at Gallery Nine, Katmandu, Nepal.
  • 2003. Inactive Images, at Nepal Association of Fine Art Gallery. Katmandu, Nepal.
  • 2002. X-rays of Sentiments, at NAC Gallery. Katmandu, Nepal
  • 2001. View on Reality, at Nepal Association of Fine Art Gallery, Kathmandu Nepal

Selected workshop and residency:
  • 2011. ROSL Visual Arts scholarship, London & Hospitalfield Art Center, Scotland, UK. (ROSL)
  • 2010. International Artist workshop, Colombo, Srilanka. (Theertha)
  • 2010. India – Nepal collaborative Residency, (Khoj at 1shanthiroad) Bangalore, India.
  • 2008. Porapara art residency, Porapara space for artist, Bangladesh.
  • 2008. Little moment in town, Performance art event. (Bindu) Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • 2007. International Human rights Workshop, Green Island, Taiwan.
  • 2007. Running with Camera, Video art workshop, Pokhara, Nepal (Sutra)
  • 2006. Collaboration with Mithila art workshop, Janakpur, Nepal. (Bindu)
  • 2006. International Artist Residency. Bangladesh. (Britto)
  • 2006. Sutra International Artists' Residency 2006, Nepal. (sutra)
  • 2006. Local art workshop, Pokhara, Nepal. (Sutra)
  • 2005. South Asian Art Residency 2005, Karachi, Pakistan. (VASL)
  • 2005. Uttistha' Art Workshop, Tapoban. (Sutra). Nepal
  • 2004. Nuga Mikha' International Art Workshop, Bhaktapur, Nepal (Sutra).
  • 2004. Coaxing the Nature, Tapoban. (Sutra). Nepal
  • 2002. Bichalit Vartaman Art workshop, Katmandu.
  • 2002. Phenomena of Creation, Darjeeling India, (Zero Century Nepal).

Selected group exhibitions:
  • 2010. Propagation Korea - Nepal Art show, (Siddhartha Art Gallery) Kathmandu
  • 2010. Focus on Asia (LO/FTF council) Brondsalen Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • 2009. Separating Myth from Reality International art festival, Nepal.
  • 2008. Khulla Dhoka In London, Royal Overseas League, London, UK (KCAC).
  • 2008. Collaboration with mithila art. Free State Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • 2008. Off The Beaten Path, South Asian exhibition, Drik Gallery, Dhaka, Bangladesh. (Britto)
  • 2007. Collaboration with mithila art. Kaya Art Gallery, Bangladesh. (Bindu)
  • 2007. Collaboration with mithila art, Siddhartha art Gallery. Nepal (Bindu)
  • 2006. Focus on South Asia. Copenhagen, Denmark. (LO/FTF council)
  • 2006. Group art exhibition. Dots Contemporary Art Center.  Dhaka, Bangladesh (Britto)
  • 2006. Metamorphoses, Three Men Show (Siddhartha Art Gallery)
  • 2005. Group art exhibition, B.M Art gallery. Karachi, Pakistan (VASL)
  • 1997-2005.  National Art &Craft Exhibition, (National Association of Fine Arts ) Kathmandu.
  • 2003. Sikkim-Nepal Joint Art Exhibition, White Memorial Hall Sikkim, India. (ZCN)
  • 2002. Arrays of Echo, Darjeeling, India. (Zero Century Nepal)
  • 2001. Group art exhibition in Nepal Tourism board, Kathmandu.
  • 2001. Group art exhibition, Pokhara, Nepal. (Zero Century Nepal)
  • 1999. National wise inter collage art exhibition & competition. Kathmandu (Fine art College)
  • 1999. Grand Nepali art Exhibition, Nepal art council gallery Kathmandu (NAC)
  • 1998. Art Fair "98" Fine Art College, Kathmandu.

  • 2011. ROSL Annual scholarship Award 2011, London, UK.
  • 2007. Creative Young Artist Award 2007. Pokhara, Nepal.

Educational Background:

Bachelor in fine art (PAINTING)
Fine art College, Katmandu, Nepal