Dariush Kiani

Born in 1971, Tehran, Iran
Lives and works in Iran

I was born in 1971 in Tehran and since high school I became interested in Art. My first artistic activity began with music. After that, when I was 21, I familiarized myself with photography by seeing a photo that I never found out what was the name of photographer. It had deep impact on me and the photography became my passion.

Jalal Sepehr

Born in 1968, Tehran, Iran
Lives and works in Iran.

A self-taught photographer, he started taking pictures in 1994 while living in Japan (1991-96). Back in Iran, he and Dariush Kiani, an advertising photographer, founded the Fanoos studio, and followed by that an influential Fanoos Photo web site founded with two other professional photographers (2003). As well as his industrial commissions, he is also into creative photography, fine art and being an active member of advertising and industrial Association of Iran, and the Canadian Association for photographic Art.

Sadegh Tirafkan

Born in 1965 Karbala, Iraq - 2013

Tirafkan was six years of age his family fled the country before the start of the Islamic revolution. His family returned to Tehran where he grew up. As a young man, Tirafkan fought in the eight year long Iran - Iraq war in the 1980’s as a Basiji or conscripted soldier. The artist works is characterised by a strong emphasis on the intrinsic role of the male in traditional Iranian society.