Ayman Baalbaki

Born in 1975, Odeissé, Lebanon
Lives and works in Beirut, Lebanon

Ayman Baalbaki is a Lebanese artist, living and working in Beirut. He studied Fine Arts in Beirut and at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Decoratifs in Paris. Born during the Lebanese civil war in the 1970s, Baalbaki draws most of his inspiration from this subject matter. In 2012, Baalbaki was part of the The Future of a Promise at the 54th Venice Biennale: the first pan-Arab exhibition of contemporary art to feature in the festival. This exhibition brought together more than 25 recent works by some foremost artists of the Arab world. His work depicted warriors wearing veils or casks. His paintings often describe the seemingly endless conflicts that haunt the Middle East.

Marya Kazoun

Born in 1976, Lebanon
Lives and works in New York

In every field, Marya has introduced new ways of thinking and radical contributions to the renewal of creativity and techniques. Her works initiate a profound questioning of the boundaries of the artwork and art practice, challenging the status of art as a privileged object. Conceived out of a desire to shift traditional methods and materials toward less concrete forms and objects.

Camille Zakharia

Born in 1962, Lebanon
Lives and works in Manama, Bahrain

Displaced from his homeland in 1985 by the civil war, the Lebanese-born Canadian photographer Camille Zakharia set out on a series of travels to diverse destinations, many of which served as temporary homelands. Photography remains the one constant in his life. The visual record Zakharia captures through his photographic work spans three decades and various locales including the United States, Greece, Turkey, Canada, and, most recently, Bahrain where he currently resides.

Mireille Astore

Born in 1961, Beirut, Lebanon
Lives and works in Melbourne, Australia

Mireille Astore (Beirut, 1961) (Arabic: ميراي استور) is an artist and a writer. She left Beirut during the Lebanese civil war in 1975 to live in Melbourne, Australia. She studied the Sciences at the University of Melbourne where she graduated before becoming a full-time artist and writer. Influenced by Continental Philosophy, her art draws on autobiographical notions of representation and the unheimlich; where the conscious intersects with the unconscious. Through her art and her writing she "explores human emotions" and "asks what it is to be human".