Toyin Odutola

Born in 1985, Ife, Nigeria.

Artist Statement:

"Where some may see flat, static narratives, I see a spectrum of tonal gradations and realities. What I am creating is literally black portraiture with ballpoint pen ink. I'm looking for that in-between state in an individual where the overarching definition is lost. Skin as geography is the terrain I expand by emphasizing the specificity of blackness, where an individual’s subjectivity, various realities and experiences can be drawn onto the diverse topography of the epidermis. From there, the possibilities of portraying a fully-fledged person are endless."

Odili Donald Odita

Born in 1966, Enugu, Nigeria.
Lives and works in Philadelphia, USA

Born in Nigeria and raised in the U.S., Odita became known for Noland-ish paintings that adopted the palette of his African heritage (landscape or textiles), and in the gallery's press release he says the current works continue his exploration of black in both color and sociopolitical senses.