South Korea

Luna Jungeun Lee

Born in 1985, Seoul, Korea.
Lives and works in London and Glasgow.

Applying traditional Western printmaking techniques to traditional Korean aesthetics, she spends each morning searching for images on the Internet. This half-conscious morning state has been likened to the automaton-like state of stream of consciousnesses, and allows her to “identify my position within the world and makes me reflect back to my delicate existence in the ephemeral dreams of everyday life,” explains Lee.

Minja Gu

Minja Gu lives and works in Seoul. Her works appear frail and intimate, and almost indistinguishable from everyday life. Gu is predominately interested in what society uses and then discards. She recycles back into presence and with grace, wit and poetry the many supposedly valueless remnants of daily consumerism, such as leftover coffee cups or plastic bags. In addition to her physical artistic production she also initiates activities that run in parallel, or could be considered parasitic to everyday participation in society.