As reported elsewhere the acclaimed Nepali painter Manish Harijan's exhitbition titled The Rise of Collateral in Siddhartha Art Gallery (Patan, Nepal) was charged with blasphemy by the group of World Hindu Federation activists. The author and gallerist were even threatened with death. The police, instead of providing protection, padlocked the gallery. More to that, there is actual imminence of legal action against the artist and curator.

Amir Khojasteh

Born in 1988, Tehran, Iran
Lives and works in Tehran, Iran

All conditions of my life (sometimes bitter sometimes happy) and also human unconscious mind (love, fear, fancy, happiness, absurdity and ….) are the main inspiration’s resources of my works. I try to expressmy entire emotion in aconsiderable way from my soul to show the simple and daily but complicatedeventsin a surreal way andinvolve my audiencejust for a moment.

Gina Heyer

Born in 1983, South Africa
Lives and works in South Africa

Heyer graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from Stellenbosch University in 2011. She is currently lecturing drawing at the Visual Arts Department, Stellenbosch University. Her most recent solo exhibition at Art Gallery (now Brundyn + Gonsalves) entitled Threshold was concerned with subtle metaphysical and uncanny aspects of seemingly ordinary and unoccupied interiors.

Fernando Gómez Balbontín

Born in 1981, Santiago, Chile
Lives and works in Santiago, Chile


My work emerges from the necessity to create a visual language based on the critical representation of contextual realities. The purpose is to build a shape as a con-secuence of the content, and the result of it is nothing but the register of a thoughtful process. I am currently interested in an in-depth study on how our society lives. This excercise is done through analysing the view that society itself has about the existence of death.

Matthew Hindley

Born in 1974, Cape Town, South Africa
Lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa

Matthew Hindley graduated at the Michaelis School of Fine Art in Cape Town in 2002, where his final exhibition won him the Michaelis Prize. Recent solo shows include, An Everlasting Once (2011) at iArt Gallery (now Brundyn + Gonsalves) and Like, like, like, like a circus (2009) at iArt Gallery Wembley project space. Hindley has exhibited both locally and abroad including presentations at Biksady, Budapest (2013) and the new Eli and Eydthe Broad Museum, Michigan (2012).

Nikzad Arabshahi

Born in 1981, Tehran, Iran
Lives and works in Tehran, Iran

Nikzad Arabshahi was born in Tehran-Iran, educated and experienced in architecture. Nikzad is self-educated in the fields of painting and photography. Nikzad started his professional career in 2000 with painting, drawing, and photography.

Payam Mofidi

Born in 1980, Teheran, Iran
Lives and works in Paris, France

Payam Mofidi is an Iranian Painter and Animation Filmmaker born in 1980 Tehran, Iran. He has graduated with BA in Graphic Design in 2005 from Azad University Tehran he also received his degree with honors from l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris in 2009. Mofidi has shown his works internationally in a great number of festivals and group exhibitions over the years and He has won Jury’s special prize from “Rythmetic” International Festival in 2010. 

Hitman Gurung

Born in 1986, Lamjung, Nepal
Lives and works in Kathmandu, Nepal

Born in 1986 in Lamjung, Nepal, Hit Man Gurung has done numerous non-conventional art projects, group exhibits and workshops. He was a 2011 recipient of the Australian Himalayan Art Award and was selected in 2012 as one of the winners of the competition “Imagining our Future Together: A Vision of a Better Common Future in South Asia,” organized by the World Bank. He was also selected for the project “Under the Bodhi Tree,” organized by WWF and Lumbini Development Trust. Gurung holds a Master’s degree from Tribhuvan University and is a lecturer at Tribhuvan University and other schools.