Carla Liesching

Born in 1985, South Africa
Lives and works in South Africa

Carla Liesching is a photographer from Johannesburg, South Africa. She received a BFA from Rhodes University in 2007, specializing in photography, video, and theatre and has since taught photography at various institutions around the world. Liesching has exhibited widely in her home country and internationally. Recent exhibitions include a showcase at the Foto Museo in Bogota, Colombia; the Belgium based RecycleArt’s Africa Number Two and the noteworthy Beer’s Lambert exhibition I am solitary I am an army at Surface Gallery in England.

Héla Ammar

Born in 1969, Tunis, Tunisia.
Lives and works in Sidi Bou Saïd, Tunisia.

Héla Ammar joins in the lineage of this artists' new generation arab women whose approach often expresses an internal, social and cultural duality in their quest of identity. Born in june 1969, she lives and works in Sidi Bou Said (Tunisia). She is directly inspired of her daily experiences, her life, of the way she communicates to bring her vision on identity, social and political issues.

Isa Ho (Ho Meng-Chuan)

Born in 1977 Keelung, Taiwan

Isa Ho has grown up in a Taiwan very different from that of her grandmothers, and the seismic changes in women’s lives and roles are a central theme of her work.  Today women are free to work, live independently, and marry whomever they choose. Yet they remain under pressure to uphold the Confucian idea that a good woman stays demurely at home under the care of her father or husband.

Samad Ghorbanzadeh

Born in 1984, Urmia , Iran
Lives and works in Iran

Started photographic activities in 2006, B.A in the major of graphics from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

Photography resumes: The most sorrowful songs of humans would be composed when your are hanged on the rope of time, between the ground and the air, yesterday and today, with a cold smile on your face and with a distressed mind to look upon the events that happened in the past and fearfully waiting for the coming events that will happen in the future.

Minja Gu

Minja Gu lives and works in Seoul. Her works appear frail and intimate, and almost indistinguishable from everyday life. Gu is predominately interested in what society uses and then discards. She recycles back into presence and with grace, wit and poetry the many supposedly valueless remnants of daily consumerism, such as leftover coffee cups or plastic bags. In addition to her physical artistic production she also initiates activities that run in parallel, or could be considered parasitic to everyday participation in society.

Mitra Tabrizian

Born in Tehran, Iran
Lives and works in London

Mitra Tabrizian has exhibited and published widely and in major international museums and galleries, including her solo exhibition at the Tate Britain in 2008. Her most recent books Another Country, withtexts by Homi Bhabha, David Green, and Hamid Naficy, is publishedby Hatje Cantz in 2012.

Her photographic and film works are represented in major public collections, including, Victoria and Albert Museum, London | Queensland Art Gallery/ Gallery of Modern Art | Moderna Mussset, Stockholm | Museum Folkwang, Essen | Musée d’Art Moderne, Luxembourg amongst others.

Camille Zakharia

Born in 1962, Lebanon
Lives and works in Manama, Bahrain

Displaced from his homeland in 1985 by the civil war, the Lebanese-born Canadian photographer Camille Zakharia set out on a series of travels to diverse destinations, many of which served as temporary homelands. Photography remains the one constant in his life. The visual record Zakharia captures through his photographic work spans three decades and various locales including the United States, Greece, Turkey, Canada, and, most recently, Bahrain where he currently resides.

Lien Botha

Maria Elizabeth (Lien) Botha

*1961, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Lien Botha studied languages at the University of Pretoria and worked as a Press photographer for Beeld before moving to Cape Town in 1984. In 1988 she obtained a BA Fine Arts degree from the University of Cape Town. Since that time she has participated in over eighty South African group exhibitions and forty international group exhibitions and has held nine solo exhibitions. Botha's work is represented in pivotal collections throughout South Africa as well as in key private collections locally and abroad.

Taysir Batniji

*1966 Gaza, Palestine.

Born in Gaza in 1966, Taysir Batniji studied art at Al-Najah University in Nablus in the West Bank from 1985-92. In 1994 he was awarded a fellowship to study at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Bourges, France, where in 1997 he graduated with a DNSEP (Higher National Diploma in Plastic Expression). Since then he has divided his time between France and Palestine, developing an interdisciplinary practice including drawing, painting, installation and performance often closely related to his heritage.