Scholarly Papers

We accept original and unpublished articles as well as theoretical and philosophical essays, comparative case studies, historical and cultural interpretations, intellectual commentaries, review essays and scholarly book reviews. Non-traditional submissions, such as lecture transcriptions, hypermedia projects, interviews and other materials, will also be considered.

We aim to publish essays which attempt to cross disciplinary boundaries, thereby bringing previously unrelated elements into new configurations. Submissions should be well-argued, clearly presented, and supported by verifiable references when appropriate. However, authors should not feel bound to the formal essay format if their ideas can best be expressed otherwise. Contributors should be aware of both the constraints and extended possibilities offered by internet publication.

The original research articles and theoretical studies will be reviewed by editors and at least one reviewer. The author and reviewers are anonymous to each other. The reviewers will fill the standardised review form which will be forwarded to authors along with the editor's decision.

The full length of the article depends on the individual consideration of the author. (A length between 2,000 to 10,000 words is expected.)

Citation style

References should be listed alphabetically at the end of the article. Wherever possible, link references to online sources.

Examples of references:


Burgin, Victor. The End of Art Theory: Criticism and Postmodernity. Hampshire and London: Macmillan, 1986

Bryson, Norman, ed. Visual Culture: Images and Interpretations. Hanover: University Press of New England, 1994.


Eileraas, Karina. "Witches, Bitches and Fluids: Girl Bands Performing Ugliness as Resistance." The Drama Review: The Journal of Performance Studies 41, no.3 (Fall 1997):122-139.


Buszek, Maria Elena. "Oh! Dogma (Up Yours!): Surfing the Third Wave." Thirdspace 1, no. 1 (July 2001): (accessed July 25, 2001).

Manuscript submission

Contributions should be sent in electronic format by email attachment. Large files (over 5MB) may be sent using internet services for sending larger files, such as We prefer to receive files in Microsoft Word. Please indicate appropriate position in the text for all images and tables.

The title page should include author(s) name, title(s), affiliations, a short biography and e-mail address. The title of the article should be up to 50 characters.
The second page should consist of a self-explanatory abstract with a length of up to 250 words.

Authors should include 3 - 5 key words.

Tables and illustrations

All tables and images should be named and numbered in arabic numerals. Place all tables and images in the appropriate position in the text. All common formats of tables, images, sound and video are accepted.

Multi-media Elements

In addition to text, OneArt can publish image, video, and sound files. Inline images should be in GIF, JPEG or PNG format up to a maximun 800x600 pixels. We are able to convert files from other image formats if necessary. Video should be in Adobe Flash format and sound in MP3. If it is not possible, please consult us.


You must have appropriate permission to use photographs, paintings, sound, or video created by someone other than yourself if they do not fall within fair-use guidelines.

Please contact the editors with any questions.