Support OneArt

The OneArt platform is a non-profit project which is directly dependent on support from public and private resources. These will be used to finance the publication of our journal, the building of our library collection, the organisation of workshops, lectures and debates and last but not least, the residency programme for artists from abroad.  

The internet journal OneArt will serve as a platform for the contemporary non-European art scene and related humanities to discuss critically, productively and in an interdisciplinary manner issues related to the European and non-European art scenes.

The journal will publish and promote information about otherwise very little known art scenes and issues related to them and by doing so we aim to dismantle the virtual barriers of stereotype and language which exist between us.

It is not without coincidence that this magazine, with a strong focus on the transnational in art, was founded in the heart of Europe, in the Czech Republic. Our country, and Prague in particular, has a long history of being an important economic crossroads and nexus of many cultures. This is an imporatant point of departure for us and we aim to continue this tradition using contemporary technology and media which will enable us to lead discussion between writers around the world and give them a voice to debate about contemporary issues.

Financial Support

OneArt seeks financial support for journal publication as well as book publication, which will summarise the debates conducted on the web pages. The books thus become the most up-to-date source of knowledge and ideas on the designated topic of the time. Further, the funds will be used to create the library, to organise workshops and symposia, but mainly to run the core activity of our project which is the gallery and the residential programme which will attract the most important artists working in Prague today.

Your support is crucial for the success of our mission and we cannot run the projects fully without it. We welcome small contributions provided specifically for one or more of our activities or larger donations which will allow our organisation to develop further in the months or years to come. Needless to say, we will proudly promote our supporters on our website and in printed matter as well as via our media partners.

Media partnership and support

We welcome any support and or partnerships offered by organisations with similar goals and mission. We aim to approach as many artists, theorists and curators as we can to build the widest network for active debate of contemporary issues on our platform.

Please contact us regarding the media partnership here.

Library/ Archive

One of our aims is to create an archive of works particulary focusing on non-Euroamerican art and humanities in Prague with access to the general public and which will be attached to the gallery and its activities. The library will fill a significant gap that exists in this area of art history in the Czech Republic and there is no doubt that this will stimulate debate in the field.

We are therefore hoping that your publishing house would be kind enough to provide a complimentary copy of suitable publications, including the magazines, that would enrich our collection and provide our users with access to valuable material which otherwise may be difficult to find.