Mahmoud Kashfipour




Mahmoud Kashfipour

* 1974, Yazd, Iran.
Lives and works in Iran

Mahmoud Kashfipour was born in Yazd-Iran 1974. After receiving graphic diploma from school of visual arts he began to work and make experience in graphic and photography for about 20 years. During this time he had special consideration to contemporary art and fine art photography. Also he has been creating artistic works and teaching while working in the field of graphic.

In recent years he has spent his time working in the field of media art and fine art photography and now is doing artistic works in his personal studio. In his current works he devotes special attention to human relationships and social subjects. Now he is working on a project named as ‘‘synchronism’’ in which he uses internet facilities and also presents other artists from different countries in it. His future plans include working in media art, fine art photography and designing of group artistic projects.


2009. Another side.

Solo exhibitions:

2012. Photography exhibition. Tehran: Azad art gallery. Iran.
2011. Web Art Exhibition. Available on: <;
2010. Web Art Exhibition. Available on: <;
2005. Photography exhibition. Yazd: Marlik gallery. Iran.

Group exhibitions:

2012. Mahmoud Kashfipour. Isfahan: Isfahan Museum of contemporary art. Iran.
2010. Mahmoud Kashfipour. Tehran: Iran Artists Organization. Iran.
2009. Mahmoud Kashfipour. Yazd: Aftab gallery. Iran.
2008. Mahmoud Kashfipour. Yazd: Aftab gallery. Iran.
2007. Mahmoud Kashfipour. Yazd: Aftab gallery. Iran.
2006. Mahmoud Kashfipour. Tehran: Iran’s Academy of Arts. Iran.
2006. Mahmoud Kashfipour. Yazd: Aftab gallery. Iran.
2005. Mahmoud Kashfipour. Yazd: Aftab gallery. Iran.
2004. Mahmoud Kashfipour. Yazd: Aftab gallery. Iran.


2011. Winner of web art award. Iran contemporary art festival (Persbook art).

Work experiences:

2011. Member of juries. First child photo festival. Yazd. Iran.
2010. Member of juries. "Ashoura" photo festival. Yazd. Iran.
2008-present. Work at personal studio. Yazd. Iran.
2008-present. Member of board of Yazd Visual Art Association.
2006. Membership in "Morakkab-e Roshan" art group.
2005-2010. Teaching at Yazd "Elmie Karbordie" University.
2005-2007. Member of board and guild association of advertising centers in Yazd.
2005. Member of board establisher of guild Yazd Association of Advertising. 
2002-2004. Member of board of directors of Yazd graphic designers committee.
2000-2002. Director of graphic department of Yazd visual art association.
1998-present. Teaching at art centers.
1998-2008. Art director of "Katibeh" art magazine.
1996-2008. Establisher and Manager of "IMA Graphic" advertising institute.


2007. Iranian Graphic Designers Association (IGD)
2007. Canadian Photographers Association (CAPA)
1998. Yazd Visual Arts Association


1994. Diploma of Graphic design. School of fine arts.