KwangHo Shin

South Korea



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Born in 1983 South Korea
Lives and works in Seoul, South Korea

KwangHo Shin is an aspiring Korean artist, noted for his large-scale abstract portraits rendered in thick globs of dark and vivid paint. Born in 1983 in Seoul, the artist got his BFA in 2009 from the Keimyung University in Daegu, South Korea. His paintings are large in size and typically stand over 6 ft tall, and are created using primarily oil and acrylic paint.


2009. Keimyung University, Fine Art

Solo exhibitions:

2014. PHOENIX GALERIE Invitation Exhibit (March) (Köln, Germany, PHOENIX GALERIE)
2013. Bien Gallery Invitation Exhibit (8.6.2013-9.4.2013) ( Seoul, Bien Gallery)
2013. ArtRaum Berlin Galerie Invitation Exhibit (2013.7.12.~7.28) (Germany,Berlin,ArtRaum Berlin Galerie)
2013. AP Gallery Invitation Exhibit (July) (Seoul, AP Gallery)
2013. Gallery A Invitation Exhibit (5.25-6.25) (Sungnam, Gallery A)
2013. Jungsoo Gallery Invitation Exhibit, [collapse] (seoul, Jungsoo Gallery)
2011. 3rd Daegu Young Art Festival (Daegu,Green Cable Television Station Art Hall)
2011. Daegu Art Square Studio 3rd open studio – memorized emotion (Daegu,Daegu Art Square Studio)
2010. Young Artist of SUSEONG ARTPIA - Emotion of novel (Daegu, SUSEONG ARTPIA MULTI ARTHALL)

Selected group exhibitions:

2013. (scheduled) Ausstellung 2013 im ArtRaum Berlin Galerie 44 Künstler mit 88 Bildern (2013.5.1.~5.24) (Germany,Berlin,ArtRaum Berlin Galerie)
2013. Gallery Jung_Jung Art Market (3.23-the end of May)(Gallery Jung)
2011. Share of the time (Goethe Institut Korea gallery, Berlin)
2011. Next generation of Daegu (Daegu,Metro Gallery)
2010. PROCESS OF GESTURE(Daegu,Space Gachang)
2009. Budding Flower.1 (Daegu,J-One Gallery)


2011. Daegu Art Center, short-term residence artist (3months)


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