Conceptual art

Ting-Tong Chang

*1982 Taiwan
Lives and works in London, UK

Ting-Tong, Chang, born 1982, won his MFA at Goldsmiths, University of London. His artistic practice covers both street art and elements of traditional painting and sculpture. Most interested in urban space and exploration of potential dialogue between institution and individuals.


Born in 1964, Baku, Azerbaijan
Lives and works in Azerbaijan

Chingiz Babayev is the graduate of the sculpture faculty of Baku Arts University, also the first artist which presented Azerbaijan on international exhibitions of conceptual arts. From his point of view there is no important direction than „land art“ – art on nature. Artist – conceptualist – says Chingiz Babayev, begins to reflect on problems disturbing him. His work – is not answer, it is beginning of thoughts, which can appear in forms of sculpture, video and other apparent structure, visual and sound instalations. There is no aready result of arts. Artist only puts a question. And if viewer joins to his thoughts, then begins joint growth of thoughts.

Mireille Astore

Born in 1961, Beirut, Lebanon
Lives and works in Melbourne, Australia

Mireille Astore (Beirut, 1961) (Arabic: ميراي استور) is an artist and a writer. She left Beirut during the Lebanese civil war in 1975 to live in Melbourne, Australia. She studied the Sciences at the University of Melbourne where she graduated before becoming a full-time artist and writer. Influenced by Continental Philosophy, her art draws on autobiographical notions of representation and the unheimlich; where the conscious intersects with the unconscious. Through her art and her writing she "explores human emotions" and "asks what it is to be human".

Buthayna Ali

Born in 1974, Damascus, Syria.
Lives and works in Canada and Syria.

Buthayna was born in Damascus in 1974. After studying Fine Arts at the University of Damascus, Syria, Buthayna moved to Paris for her graduate studies to obtain a Diploma in painting from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts of Paris (ENSB–A) along with a Masters degree (DEA) in History of Islamic Art from Paris IV Sorbonne, Paris. Since 2011 Buthayna has been working as Professor on the faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Damascus.

I am not myself, not Buthayna Ali, not a body, not a woman, not a Muslim, not a Syrian, not an Arab...
many prisons forces itself upon me.
They are combined in me, melting me, turning me into hard and fluid forms.
Hard to defend my existence, while fluid to escape, through my work, away from those jails.