Teng-Yuan Chang

Born in 1983, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Now lives and works in Taipei

Born in 1983, in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Completed his study at MFA, Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts, Tainan National University of The Arts in 2010. His major solo exhibitions include The Burglar of Visual Signals: An Adventure Beyond Boundaries (Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung, 2011).

Isa Ho (Ho Meng-Chuan)

Born in 1977 Keelung, Taiwan

Isa Ho has grown up in a Taiwan very different from that of her grandmothers, and the seismic changes in women’s lives and roles are a central theme of her work.  Today women are free to work, live independently, and marry whomever they choose. Yet they remain under pressure to uphold the Confucian idea that a good woman stays demurely at home under the care of her father or husband.

Chiu Chao-Tsai

Born in 1977, Miaoli, Taiwan.
Lives and works in Taiwan

He obtained his M. F. A. degree from Taipei National University of the Arts. Chiu currently lives and works in Taipei. Chiu's work focuses on interactive mechanism. He considers 'interaction' as the core concept. An interactive mechanism is embedded in the work, and through the involvement of its audience, the structure of the work deviates from its usual rigid form and becomes dynamic and ever-changing , providing the audience an instant feedback.