Ymene Chetouane

Born in 1980, Tunisia
Lives and works in Tunisia

Ymene Chetouane lives and works in Tunis. Graduate ceramic art in 2007. She participated in serveral workshops and group exhibitions in Tunisia and abroad : "National center for ceramic art " (sidi kacem el jellizi), National performing arts center of Tunis gallery "el gorgi", gallery "blue vio", Museum Kairedine, gallery Talmart etc. Ymene was resident at the performing arts center during 2011/2012. Since 2012 , she is an active member of the collictive "Politics" that exposes in Tunis and abroad. "24 p" is this first solo exibition.

Nidhal Chamekh

Born in 1985, Dahmani, Tunisia.
Lives and works between Paris and Tunis.

Nidhal Chamekh is a visual artist and a painter. He studied in the Fine Arts school of Tunis and that of Paris and carries out his doctoral research at the Sorbonne. The popular districts of Tunis where he grew up and the persecution of his militant family are to have a deep impact on his art. He began exhibiting his work at the age of 12, in Tunisia, and later in France and other European countries. His plastic research unfolds around the fragmented forms of reality and its possible languages. In his work, the figurative element remains clearly present but the subject is often blurry or almost absent.

Héla Ammar

Born in 1969, Tunis, Tunisia.
Lives and works in Sidi Bou Saïd, Tunisia.

Héla Ammar joins in the lineage of this artists' new generation arab women whose approach often expresses an internal, social and cultural duality in their quest of identity. Born in june 1969, she lives and works in Sidi Bou Said (Tunisia). She is directly inspired of her daily experiences, her life, of the way she communicates to bring her vision on identity, social and political issues.